Devin Beck

May 20-June 13 2021

Devin Beck a Brooklyn-based and Houston-bred, self-taught artist who specializes in painting nightmarish hellscapes in acrylic, using traditional brush techniques as well as airbrush. Within her work, Beck sees isolation and vastness and wants the viewer to have a similar experience. She seeks to amplify the state of our world and the unsustainability of our lifestyles to yield a glimpse into our futures. The fantastical and religious aspects present serve as symbols for the greater evils that will one day transform our current reality into an abysmal dystopia. 

Beck regards painting to be therapeutic as it enables her to shut out the often overstimulating chaos of the world, finding focus and in turn clarity. These works were created within the past year, birthed in a windowless room, setting the tone for the series in which she pays homage to surrealist painter, Yves Tanguy, whose influence she regards to be pivotal. In Beck’s debut show, immersion becomes captivation, as she invites us to wander amidst a world of desolate landscapes, to breathe the air that dragons do, to let go and enter another realm.

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