Reading Room

New Reader

New York

February 18 – March 28, 2021

Whaam! presents Reading Room by New Reader. Reading Room is a library of books selected by artists, musicians, scientists, educators, public figures and more in response to the question: In isolation, what parts of yourself have you recovered?

Reading Room’s contents are available online accompanied by a directory of every independent bookstore in New York City. A printed version, featuring illustrations by Whaam! artist Hunter Ney is available in bookstores throughout the five boroughs.

New Reader is an online library that organizes books by people. Through interviews, New Reader catalogs the sources that shape their minds. | @newreadernet

Adrienne Kennedy

Andre Walker


Avi Loeb

Beatrice Domond

Bernadette Van-Huy


Collier Schorr


DeSe Escobar


Elise By Olsen


Fran Lebowitz

Gio Escobar

Hans Ulrich Obrist

Hassan Rahim

Imad Khachan

John Pawson

Kiko Kostadinov

Liz Johnson Artur

Navy Blue

Nhạc Gãy

Slick Rick

Speed Levitch

Tanya DePass

Zarina Muhammad

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